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The disaster restoration business is a fast growing industry and can be a challenging and highly rewarding career for the right type of individual. Beginning a career in restoration is a great option for hard working, team oriented people who want a fast paced work environment that emphasizes serving others. The restoration industry has many components and there are a lot of specialties within the industry. From the disaster cleanup end focusing on cleaning and removal of debris to the building restoration side that emphasizes construction, there are many specialties within the larger disaster restoration and recovery industry.


Fire, Water, and Mould Training

The greatest focus within the disaster industry is fire, water, and mould. Training in these specialities is an essential requirement for careers in both commercial and residential disaster recovery. It is also an integral part of becoming certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. Many companies focus on one or two of these things, while others specialize in all three. There are numerous courses available in fire, water, and mould restoration training and certification. These courses and certifications can put you in a more competitive position to get started with a restoration company and launch a career.

There are a lot of different areas of emphasis for which you can earn a certification. Carpet Repair Technicians, Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration Technicians, and Applied Structural Drying Technician are just some of the areas of speciality within the industry. Training emphasizes addressing damages from any number of causes–earthquake, tornado, electrical fire, pipe burst, hurricane, etc.–and responding efficiently and effectively along industry standards.

Get Certified and Acquire Experience

The disaster recovery and restoration industry generates over 10 billion dollars every year from the need to repair and replace parts of homes and businesses as a result of accidents and natural disasters. Gaining some entry level experience working with a restoration company, continuing to learn, and becoming IICRC certified is the best way to grow in a lucrative industry. Comprehensive disaster recovery education is highly specialized and very detailed in order to prepare individuals to respond to any situation. Because of this, the job is often stressful and involves long and unconventional work hours.

The best way to break through into the industry is to work hard and develop some experience with a reputable, certified, licensed disaster recovery company. Over time, you will want to become a certified technician to help start your own business or advance an employer by contributing to the certifications of their team and acquiring new clients. A combination of licensing, IICRC certification, insurance company references, and experience can pave the way to a great career in the disaster restoration industry.

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