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The disaster restoration business is a fast growing industry and can be a challenging and highly rewarding career for the right type of individual. Beginning a career in restoration is a great option for hard working, team oriented people who want a fast paced work environment that emphasizes serving others. The restoration industry has many…


As spring weather sets in across the U.S and Canada, temperatures rise, snow and ice melt, and rainfall increases. This means that flood risks increase as well. Flood preparation is a top concern right now in many regions since heavy winter weather is beginning to subside and warmer temperatures are melting snow and ice pack….


The aftermath of flooding can be chaotic. Between assessing damages, cleaning belongings, contacting friends and family, insurance companies, and dealing with the stress of getting your life back to normal, it can be difficult to keep organized and find the proper support. One major question in the aftermath of a flood, of course, is who…


Floods are a possibility anywhere. Obviously, some regions are more at risk than others, and experience annual flooding where others may go decades without a flood. Coastal areas are especially susceptible to flooding and often require a distinct set of procedures for mitigating the potential damage of flood waters. Even inlands areas and dry desert…


The pipes in your home are critical to keep things running efficiently. Although winter has started to pass, we aren’t in the clear yet. Damage may still occur within your pipes if not properly taken care of. Know how to prevent damaged pipes, whether that is from freezing or other factors. This will save you…

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