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Water Removal with the Expert Touch

Al-Care DKI Restores Your Home & Office

Water removal from carpet, wood and other materials after a flood requires a trained, professional approach. Because standing water seeps into porous material, harmful mould and mildew can grow in places you may never suspect. Mould and mildew removal becomes critical in order to maintain a safe environment. The skilled technicians at Al-Care DKI know how to get to the root of the damage.

Ask about how our water removal and mould/mildew removal services will restore the safety and hygiene of your home – even if you’ve experienced flooding in the past. Contact Al-Care DKI.

Water Removal Services

Our water removal along with mould and mildew removal services will give you peace of mind knowing that your home or office is safe and comfortable for its occupants.

Our water removal services include:

From handling an immediate emergency to correcting mildew and mould damage from a past leak, Al-Care DKI approaches water removal with vigour, expertise and determination.

Contact Al-Care DKI, the water removal restoration specialist.

Our Disaster Recovery Services: