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Mould Removal Services

Keep Your Family Healthy

The goal of our mould removal services is to keep your family healthy and your home safe. We provide our customers with effective and total mould removal. Mould spores are toxic and can cause a number of health issues for anyone exposed, including:

At the first sign of mould you need to take immediate action. Call Al-Care DKI today for certified mould removal and cleanup services.

Comprehensive and Detailed Mould Remediation Services

Damage from mould, moisture, humidity and water can compromise the structural integrity of your home. A mould problem can turn into a homeowner’s nightmare. At Al-Care DKI we can stop mould growth and provide mould removal and restoration with our comprehensive services:

Contact Al-Care DKI today for our mould removal and restoration services which are conducted by our professional, experienced technicians. We provide mould cleanup services in Mississauga, Halton, Hamilton, and other nearby Ontario locations.

Our Disaster Recovery Services: